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Meet This Month's Featured Artist - Tony Dreams

For our third music review, we feature singer Tony Dreams. Born in Texas and based in Virginia, Dreams is now pursuing a music career in California teaming up with producer/engineer GI. His single, "Rewind" has been noticed around the west coast with over 40,000 views on the music streaming website Soundcloud.  With its soothing pad piano chords matched with impactful 808 drums, this instrumental creates perfect groove for Tony Dreams' singing and wordplay. "Rewind" gives another relatable message of wanting better days and old times with a love interest.  We Are StoneHouse was able to ask Tony Dreams some questions about his single and upcoming projects. At what age did you decide to pursue a music career?  I decided to pursue a career in music at the age of 18. Coming up on graduating high school, I planned to be a college athlete but I wasn’t allowed to study music and play football so i chose to drop football and pursue music. You are originally a Texas native and you now live in California.. How would you say those two major cities have impacted your music?  Growing up in Texas, the cultures in my bloodline i came up listening to screw music & melodic hip hop like Chamillionaire, Big Moe, & ZRo. That’s where I got the influence to fuse R&B melody with the hip hop flows.  Being in California for the last few months the music scenes has made my music more upbeat and having fun with the creative process. Being able to mesh the Southern & West coast slang and find ways to improve my wordplay! There has been recent success with your single “Rewind” on soundcloud and other music streaming websites.. How was the writing & recording process for this song? My single "Rewind" was actually one of the first songs I wrote when I made the move to California! I was just sitting in the house with no job, no car, no friends lol. All I had was my old computer and microphone. I would sit around while my girlfriend Emily & her family were at work and school and record reference tracks. I started working with my engineer GI pretty soon after that and Rewind was the second song i recorded & now were coming up on 50k plays on Soundcloud! Which artists in the music industry today have had an influence on your career growth? Trey Songz has always been my biggest influence! He's the one who inspired me to do more singing than rapping. Since then my writing style has become a mix of influences ranging from Jeremih, PartyNextDoor, Miguel & Drake. Bryson Tiller recently has been a major influence in my career growth recently also. His sudden rise to fame and success inspires and motivates me because i was a fan of his about 6 months before he hit mainstream. Living in California must be amazing especially when pursuing a music career.. Is there a certain experience that you will never forget? California is amazing I love it! It’s been my dream to live here since i was a young kid in Texas. There hasn't been any major experiences yet but I’ve been building things up trying to keep my momentum going.  What’s next for Tony Dreams.. when can we expect new music and performances?  I’ve been working on a lot of new music that will be released soon, possibly an EP or a mixtape! I've got my next show in LA coming up on July 10th at Art Share LA ! We're also beginning to shoot for the "Rewind" music video so stay tuned for that ! StoneHouse supports Tony Dreams with his future music and projects in California. Take a listen to his soundcloud page (left) and follow his social media below. IG: @tdreamsmusic Twitter: @tdreamsmusic

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