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Meet This Month's Featured Artist - Lexi Rene

For our second music review, we will feature a singer from Gainesville, VA who has been many places and is now starting her career. This artist is Lexi Rene and her first single is called “Friend Zone.” Since her release, her musical career has grown tremendously and has NOVA music fans intrigued. "Friend Zone" is a great song with a catchy hook and melody for a

summer anthem. Lexi Rene gives relatable lyrics of wanting to be outside of the friend zone with a potential love interest. Instead of turning the situation into a emotional song, "Friend Zone" twists it in a positive light. 

We Are StoneHouse had the chance to ask Lexi Rene some questions regarding her new song and upcoming music.

When did you start singing and taking your career seriously? 

I started taking singing seriously after my first time performing on a stage. I sang my rendition of "When I was your man" at a high school talent show and was surprised when the audiences response was a standing ovation! That performance really made any doubt I had about being a singer disappear. It gave me the push I needed to chase my dream of being a singer/songwriter and it is a moment I will never forget!

In 2014, you auditioned for Season 13 of American Idol and made it to Hollywood. How was that experience? (American Idol audition interview shown to the left.)

Overall the experience was eye opening. When you've lived in the same place your whole life you forget there is billions of other people in the world with amazing talents. I sat and listened to 140 American Idol contestants sing for the judges in Hollywood week and was in awe the whole time! I had the opportunity to befriend some extraordinary singers and also take home a special experience not very many people have. Meeting J-lo, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr was pretty freaking awesome too!

Your new song is entitled, "Friend Zone." What was your process in creating this song?

I’m always writing songs and when I heard that addicting beat for the first time I knew I had to create a hit out of it! I sat in my room and just wrote. I sang a part of it for my brother while a was still in the writing process and he said it was one of the best songs I've ever written! That coming from my brother meant a lot. After finishing writing "Friend Zone", I knew it had to be the first song I ever released and i'm so glad I did!

Who are your biggest singing influences in the music industry today?

I wouldn't say I have any specific influences. I like to study all artists whether its Fetty Wap or Carrie Underwood. I believe that there is something you can learn from all artists. Even ones that are not famous. It makes you stand out when you can take influences from all genres and incorporate it into your music rather than just staying in one lane.

When can we expect new music from you?

Very soon! I am currently working on my mixtape and cannot wait for everyone to hear all of the other songs I've written! it feels amazing to be pursuing my dreams and the support i'm receiving only motivates me more!

The StoneHouse family gives full support to Friend Zone and the future music by Lexi Rene. We fully recommend everyone to listen to her upcoming music. You can follow her social media below:

IG: @lex1rene_

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