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Meet This Month's Featured Artist - Mhadi G

For our 4th music interview, We Are StoneHouse recognizes Mhadi G. This artist from New Orleans has risen across the music scene in his city. With the raw trap instrumentals under his laid back flow and relaxed tone, Mhadi G has grown popular on many music streaming websites. Mhadi G is also contributing to the art platform, Free Water. With cosigns from Currensy, Metro Boomin, G-Easy and more, Free Water has had much success in the South through videography, photography, and the arts.

Some songs that gave Mhadi G recognition were "Party" and "No Lines."  Mhadi G recently

released songs named "Move Around" and "Big Money." Both songs show the uptempo 808 New Orleans influenced instrumentals. With "bounce type" rhythm lyrics to match the instrumental feel, Mhadi created two songs that are growing on Soundcloud. 

We Are StoneHouse is glad to interview Mhadi G and find out what his future holds. 

When did you decide to start a music career?

Well originally I started rapping when I was like 15 in high school. I did that for like 2 years but, I never really had the money or resources to do this shit the right way like I wanted to though so I fell back from it for like a year or two. So honestly I just started doing this shit seriously for 6 months. January 6, 2016 is when I dropped my first song, "No Lines."

You are a part of the Free Water Movement, a huge art platform in New Orleans. How did you get involved with Free Water? 

Free Water is run by my day 1 homie Frankie Watts (@frankiewatts_ ) and his partner Marty Byrd (@_superintern) so I didn't really "get involved with the Free Water movement" per say 'cause you know like these was my n****s before all this sh*t even started.

A recent song of yours that We Are StoneHouse loves is “Party.” Can you describe the recording process and how you got artist Bee to feature on this track? 

Believe it or not, even though I just dropped this song it was the second song I ever recorded. I did it like 2 weeks after I recorded "No Lines." So while recording this I was like nervous as sh*t, I ain't really have full confidence at that point yet. Actually I recorded "Party" like 2 or 3 different times because I critique the hell out my songs, but all that was a waste because I ended up using the first version anyways. But yeah, "Party" was a finished product for some months before Bee even got on it. Bee been my n**** too, we played football in high school together. I been knowing that boy before he even started rapping you know he just kinda blew up out of nowhere, so me getting him on the song was just a matter of me texting him like "look I got this banger you should hop on," and he did it. We got that type of relationship he could send me something and I'll get on it no questions, and vice versa.

Most artists get into a certain zone when recording in the studio. How do you bring out your creative energy in the studio ?

As far as the creative energy in the studio, I usually just go in and record my song and wait for the finished product. All this sh*t still new to me so a lot of times I don't even be knowing if the sh*t gonna come out dope or not lmao. But I been working so I'm getting way better at knowing how I should sound when recording and what sounds cool before the product is finished.

We loved the video for your single, “No Lines.”  How was the filming process with director Frankie Watts? (Video shown to the left.)

"No Lines" video shoot was a very interesting process. Frank and Marty had just bought a drone the day before so after Frankie finally got a little comfortable using it we instantly hit the streets and started looking for spots to shoot despite it being like 12 A.M. We shot that video for like 3 hours that night. It was freezing cold like 40 degrees and it was windy as sh** so we didn't even get to use the drone, but all in all we did our thing and came out with a dope product.

We noticed that most of your songs are produced by Mexikodro. How strong is your connection with him when creating?

I don't really have a relationship with Dro. I just leased a couple beats from him. I feel like he really only f*** with artist that already have a following, but I have no problem with that I know this is a business. I f*** with the whole BeatPluggz camp though, they're all dope as f***. I probably won't be getting anymore beats from Dro though unless I actually meet him in person, I'm tryna branch out from just his beats anyways. I got my eyes on a couple of Corey Lingo and Poloboy Shawty joints right now though, them dudes hard.

When can we expect new material from you? (songs, events, videos, etc)

I got new videos coming real soon! All that is in the works as we speak. I have a few songs tucked right now, just waiting on the right time to drop, you know. And for anyone that will be in New Orleans anytime soon, they can catch me at a couple upcoming shows I have. They can follow me or Instagram or Twitter (@OG_Mhadi) for further details on those shows.

We Are StoneHouse fully supports future projects and the career of Mhadi G.

IG: @OG_Mhadi

Twitter: @OG_Mhadi

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