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Meet This Month's Featured Artist - Love Jones

To start the series of StoneHouse's music reviews we will feature an artist originally from Portland, Oregon but now is a student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. That artist is Love Jones. On October 24, 2015, Love Jones released his first mixtape entitled, "Things I Never Told You." This long awaited 9 song mixtape is Love Jones' first project. Since the release, Love Jones' music stock has soared across Atlanta's Universities and Colleges. 

"Things I Never Told You" showed many attributes of Love Jones talents that will attract many listeners. He expressed vivid story telling through his verses…giving an new insight into his college experiences. Love Jones, also, provided smooth lyrical flow over tough Drake instrumentals such as The Ride, Lust for Life and many other popular releases. On top of familiar instrumentals Jones also performed a variety of his original music. 

One of our favorite tracks from this mixtape is "Lover's Interlude." While writing this review the StoneHouse team kept playing this certain song over and over. We noticed that there is a “So Gone by Monica" sample throughout the song. For his verse Love Jones displayed a relaxed Bryson Tiller type flow that fit perfectly over the instrumental. The features by DosDias and C.May were perfect for the hook to take the song to another level. 

StoneHouse was delighted to ask this rising artist some questions regarding "T.I.N.T.Y." and the future of his career: 

Who would you say you compare your flow to? 

I honestly believe my flow is my flow it is who I am as a person. I can say though whomever people choose to compare to is their choice and regardless who it is, I’m honored to even be mentioned with them. But I would say that Drake and Tory Lanez are huge musical influences to me. Of course being from the West Coast, artists like Dom Kennedy and Nipsey Hussle play a big role on who I am as an artist. 

A popular song on the mixtape is Porscha Music. Can you explain the meaning behind this song? 

Porscha Music tells the story of this journey between Porscha and I, who is the first girl I really fell for in college. I really had to reach a deeper place to find the right words to perfectly describe our story and still don’t think I got it right lol. This process was a growing one and in order to grow I had to in a way “right my wrongs” and I felt that this was the ideal start. Also I’m very emotional but I don’t always articulate my thoughts correctly unless I write them down, so this was a way for me to apologize and say the right things that were on my heart. It ultimately put Porscha and I in a better place as well which was the whole purpose of this song, and for that I’m content.

"Things I've Never Told You" is a successful mixtape but some fans do not understand the time & hard work behind the project. Can you describe the process behind creating a great mixtape? 

It was probably the longest and hardest thing I have ever done but it was definitely fun. It started second semester of freshmen year, that’s when I first mentioned this mixtape, it was literally suppose to be for fun and games, something I put on my bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish during college but then I started to experience life and everything changed. I struggled in school, unhealthy relationships with women, friends and family, the divorce of my parents, the news of my grandmother being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and me struggling with who I am as a person all came within that span of when I first mentioned the tape until when I dropped it. Each experience added another dimension to the mixtape and help me dig a little deeper into who I am. I would stay up, write songs and literally break into tears thinking about everything. Another failed relationship created another line or two, a night thinking about life before things change created a verse or an entire song. My phones became my pen and instrumentals became my dairy, it was my way to let out everything I kept built up. I was just holding on to all this material, listening to people like J. Middlebrooks and Memberz Only drop their sound and telling their story, doing slight work with CodyGotBeatz waiting until the perfect time to drop mine. That’s when I met DosDias, the goat himself, and told him my visions. Before I could finish he was like, "Let's go I got a studio at my house, let's get it." I was like, "Bet" and we rode out to his house one weekend and cranked out 4 songs. Next session it was 3 more, then 2 more until we finished the whole project. It was exciting to see him believe in the vision and help me make it come to life. Took some time to get it right but when we did we couldn’t stop, we just kept the ball running. So from start to finish, it took about 2 ½ years for this mixtape. Wouldn’t of been possible with out my crew the Dreamteam and LaFamilia and life.

Some artists listen to their own music when they have free time. Which song on your mixtape is your favorite ? 

My favorite song changes every week. Last week it was Break from it All, the week before that it was Blues for Nina and The Outro but the one that always puts me in a good space is Love Jones Music. It’s the song where I laid everything out. Talked about my niggas, my family, women that have special places in my heart, the city that had shape me and it really set the tone for what I wanted people to hear from me and the whole story behind Things I Never Told You.

What's the meaning behind your name & when did you know you wanted to be an artist? 

Growing up Love Jones was my favorite movie, although I never understood what was going on until I got older but I was happy when I watched the movie. Once I was able to understand the movie for myself, it was like it truly depicted my life and the experiences that I go through. So I was talking to my friends one day and they asked whats your rap name and I was like, "Love Jones" and they was like its different which was perfect because I’m different. In my head the story line of Love Jones and the story line of me, James Jones, go hand and hand, I embodied it in a way and its who I am.

When can we expect new music or new shows? 

I’m not sure. I have material and I’m constantly creating new material but the goal wasn’t to become a rapper or an artist. I was really a onetime thing but people really enjoyed it so now im stuck between continuing or moving on. My mom, who is my whole existence, told me to ride it out until I graduate college and see where it goes. That alone makes me want to do another project and I have an idea for it so we will see. I am in the process of shooting a music video with a very special person as my videographer so I'm excited about that. I'm a huge believer in the universe conspiring for things to happen so whatever she cooks up for me, I'll be more then happy to enjoy it and split it with my people.

The StoneHouse family gives full support to Love Jones' mixtape, "Things I Never Told". We expect great music from our new friend and look forward to see what the future has in store for him. If you haven't already, take a listen to his mixtape (left).

IG: @lovemusixx

Twitter: @lovejonesmusixx

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