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Curated by Chase S. Beasley

Ep. 1: Lazy Saturday.

Episode 1: Lazy Saturday

Saturday Chill.

Episode 2: Night Drive

For traveling to your next late night destination.

Ep. 2: Night Drive
Ep. 3

Episode 3: Summer Celebration

To create & enjoy summer memories.

Episode 4: Getting To Know You

Background music for our conversations.

Ep. 4
Ep. 5

Episode 5: Holiday Reunion

Dedicated to the family Soul Train line and Uncle Buck's Two-Step.

Episode 6: The Basement

Cypher verses of old school to the new. Shoutout Emmitt.

Ep. 6
Ep. 7

Episode 7: Quiet Storm

Self-explanatory throwbacks. Happy Valentine's Day.

Episode 8: Appointments

For rounds. 

Ep. 9

Episode 9: TrapHouse

"My earrings cost half a ticket, I don't hear the same sh*t y'all hear."

Episode 10: Sunday Worship

HE deserves it all.


Episode 11: Hidden Gems

Songs you haven't heard but need to... with songs you forgot.

Episode 12: Quarantine

Pt. I of Quarantine R&B

Ep. 12
Ep. 13

Part II of Quarantine
Chase S. Beasley

Leave 2020, Start 2021. 
Chase S. Beasley


Many years of blessings through parental guidance and persevering life's obstacles. Love You, Nephew from Uncle Beas.  
Chase S. Beasley

Relieved Stress, Chilled Wine & Delayed Responsibilities.  
Chase S. Beasley